TLDR: It’s modern alchemy. We don’t make “videos”, we make cinematic growth tools. Okay, that sounds a little pretentious, but my point is that anyone can make a video. Your iPhone shoots great footage, you don’t need us to press record for you. You need us because we know how to use the visual language of filmmaking to communicate value.


We love to challenge and bend the brief, but the brief has to be solid enough in the first place to take that kind of… Pressure.

The video you want may not necessarily be the video you need. We’ll help you better articulate your value proposition and what specific business outcome you want to achieve. A video that’s designed to optimise click-throughs on social is very different from a video designed to drive conversions on your home page.

Once we fix the brief, it’s time to break it! The creative process begins. We love to collaborate creatively with our clients, and your level of involvement depends on you. We have creativity popping out the seams, but contrary to popular belief, the best creative ideas don’t come from isolation in a lake house, they come from the serendipity of exchange. Less a game of solitaire, more a game of tennis.

From the ashes and smoke of creative sessions, ideas emerge. They are written into treatments (video ideas written in prose) some sober, others on the wild side, and sometimes they’re combined to make something “juuust riiight”.

From there, things become more technical. A screenplay is written and storyboards are drawn to get a sense for how the video will play out. Sometimes an animatic is made (a rudimentary animation of the storyboard) and A/B tested with audiences to optimise the messaging. 

Then we make the damn thing! Plan it, shoot it, edit it, pepper it with some post-production magic, throw in some tweaks from feedback, and voila! Your brand new vide- *ahem* “Cinematic Business Tool” is born!

*queue Lion King – Circle of Life*

  • Brand promos

    We make a video that attracts attention and gives your brand a personality. These typically have a clear message or announcement.

  • Crowdfunding Videos

    Our videos have helped to crowdfund over $220,000, on popular platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

  • Explainers

    We make it easy for your potential customers to understand what your service or product is about.

  • Events

    We’ll capture the fun, major moments and spirit of one of your upcoming events, so you can share it with everyone who missed it.

  • Adverts

    We emotionally hook your customers with narrative. These are typically larger productions and more cinematic in nature.

  • Music Videos

    We dive into the heart of your music and tell its visual story.

  • Short Fiction

    We’ll turn your crazy concept or web-series into reality. Great companies are starting to use fiction as a way to engage people with their brand.

  • Social Media Campaigns

    We’ll conceptualise, create and manage a social media campaign for your company on any platform, driving engagement.


Yes, we’re cooky creatives, but there is a method to our madness. You can to be as involved or as hands-free in the project as you like. We do recommend that you are more highly engaged in the early stages to ensure we are on the same wavelength.


This will vary substantially based on the project. On a typical video project we like to say about 8 weeks. If you need something done really quickly, we can always find a way, but it may affect the cost to maintain quality.


How long is a piece of string? Each project varies massively! It depends on so many factors that it would be irresponsible of us to spew out some random number. After an initial discussion we can usually give you a general ballpark figure.

1 . Back to basics

We have a chat, and talk about what you want the video to do for your business. Is it supposed to increase conversions? Engage existing users? Drive repeat sales? Having a clear objective will determine what narrative tools we use.

2 . Knowing your brand

We’ll work with you to get to know your brand identity intimately. This is very important as the video will be an important component of how your company presents itself to the world.

3 . ideation!

The fun part! We’ll go away and come back with some initial ideas, in the form of a proposal, with inspiration sources and the treatment. With your feedback we’ll work towards a final idea.


This is where all the planning happens, we’ll write the script, draw up the storyboards and plan the shoot.

5 . The SHOOT

We shoot your video and execute our plan like a well-oiled machine.

6 . The Edit

This is where the video comes alive! We’ll edit the video and deliver it to you in a file optimised for your host platforms.